News! And a Giveaway!

Suffering CATS.  If I ever say I’m going to do this again – at least, this way – shoot me.  Thousands of little bits of paper.  ARG!!  But we have come up with the three winners: (cue Kermit: YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!)

So the first winner is:


Okay, now Andy – let’s get that right –


But you don’t know who number 4 is, do you? So how about a name? Congratulations Melissa Laing!!

Second winner:


Okay.  You can’t even see the number.  But it’s a 5.

Congratulations Dawn!!

Third winner:


 And who is this?  Are you ready Donna?  This presentation of your number is TAILOR MADE FOR YOU by Cam himself.

And there we have it.  Interesting enough, the odds actually were increased by the number of points.  So thank you all for playing along with me, and giving this book a chance.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am too you all.  For those whose numbers still languish in the bowl – there will be other times and other things.  But you are beloved in this household, and I want to hug every one of you.




This isn’t, like, HUGE news. I mean, not for anybody but me. But the formatting has been finished for the Breaking Rank ebub – the format accepted by Barnes and Noble and the iTunes store.  (I am feeling my coding strength.)  The book isn’t in the latter store yet because I still have to add their little special HTML touches, but it’s hanging out at Barnes and Noble, just waiting to be sucked up and sent at the speed of light to anybody’s Nook.  Same tiny price, as we care more about being read than we care about paying for food.

Now, here’s the real news – and I will be SO sad if nobody takes me up on this: three hardback copies of Breaking Rank are up for grabs. Let me remind you that hardbacks of this book are on the endangered species list.  Worse, actually.  Their numbers are down to double digits in the whole world. So if you would like one of these, enter. It will even be signed.

In the spirit of internet giveaways, you can sweeten your chances in the now traditional ways:

1. Leave a comment on this blog – not mine, but the workshop blog.  You get an extra chance if it’s an interesting comment.

2. You get an extra entry if you do any or all of these things (one entry for each thing) and then come back here to report it in a comment:

A. Tweet about the giveaway (and thus, about the book).

B. Post about it on Facebook – especially if you have 50,000 reading friends.  You can simply share the link to this thing you’re reading right here if you like.

C. Reblog this entry.

D. Do a review for Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Or write one for GoodReads or Shelfari – wherever you share a reading community. Put the comment in the link.  And yes, it has to be an honest review.  You do not lose points for hating the book. (oh, how I wish you could –)

3. You get five extra entries ( you need to enter them as comments) if you have proof that you have bought this e-book.

4. You get EIGHT extra entries if one of your friends has proof of buying this ebook after reading your tweet, your facebook bit, or your reblog or simply because you have brow beaten them into it.  Have them comment here and mention YOUR NAME as the brilliant person who turned you on to this thing. So if YOU don’t read e-books, make your friends buy them and get the credit!

There.  I’m proud of myself.  Totally mainstream.  Not that I, in my eternal self-doubt, expect more than three people to show up here – but hey!  Hope blooms eternal –

Good luck, my dears!  I’ll have to get your mailing address when you win, so make sure your contact info is active.

I will announce the winners on March 24th, 2012.  So waste no time!  Oh, I hope you do this –

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76 thoughts on “News! And a Giveaway!

  1. Breaking Rank, not Breaking Dawn~
    The latest book I’ve read.
    It touches your heart
    And stays in your head.
    Long after ‘lights out’
    And time for bed!

    That’s interesting, right? ;D

    • OK Faebook done….
      I spoke sternly with all my friends about this.
      No Twittering.
      Going to do the review….Amazon
      Wondering if I can get this whole thing posted to my blog….

      • Proof that I have already bought the book for my kindle:
        Mr. Willardson wears the same kind of glasses as your cute husband…”round lenses in thin, brown frames…”
        Will that do?

        • EXCELLENT!! But then, I know you, dear one – your word is all I need. So that’s five, right?


      • Very good. An extra entry for the Facebook. HURRAY!! Amazon review – good-o. We’ll do an extra one of that when you get it done. And all you really have to do is write a little something on the blog and paste in the link – though, in my recent experience, almost NOBODY FOLLOWS LINKS. I don’t think I had ONE parrot link followed. So sad.

      • Amazon review completed, although I never feel like I do a good enough job telling about your amazing stories.

    • Honey – that IS interesting. And counts resoundingly. I haven’t even put this up on Facebook yet, so you’re the VERY FIRST. YAY!!

  2. I first read Only Alien on the Planet, and loved it, the compassion and healing it showed. I really liked Slumming, about hard decisions and the consequences, good and bad, for good and bad decisions; including difficult consequences from good decisions. I enjoyed Breaking Rank, the cross-cultural friendships that occur, and old relationships holding or breaking under pressure. However, I don’t have an e-reader. I hope lots of people read your newest book, love it & demand it in print! I have been checking every few months for YEARS for your next book.

    Posted this page on my FB page.

    • WONDERFUL!! So you get credit for interesting AND Facebook. YAY!

      • I’m also trying to get my mother-in-law to buy it for her e-reader! If that happens in time, I’ll get 8 extra chances! And better yet, a chance to read it eventually.

      • I read your reply to Margaret Ford. Yah! If you fb the news that you’re getting it published, I’ll request my library to buy
        a copy!

        • Thanks darlin’ – my library is the same way. The ebook thing is so new, the reviewing machine and the library machine have not caught up with it.

  3. Chalea Edwards says:

    I have enjoyed each and every book you have written and that I have read. I enjoy having them available in different formats so that I can take them with me as a travel and not have to worry about damaging the book. It also means that I can have copies to preserve for my daughter, as she enters her teen years.

    The issues addressed in your books expand beyond just the current generation, but the ones before and the ones to come. The art of being complex human, which seems so lost in today’s world, is addressed and dealt with in an impressionable light that has helped me, as an individual, to grow and understand others.

    I have shared these books with my friends and family, and have intentions of sharing them with my daughter when she is older. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself and the world at large through your amazing talent!

  4. I think Rachel would have to get credit for my buying your book as I saw her post on Facebook. I bought it and started reading and then posted on FB because I couldn’t put it down and wanted to share. NO2 son home from school today so no reading for me and not a very interesting comment, but still a comment 🙂

  5. I want in. Can I? It doesn’t hardly seem fair to get points for reposting on my blog, since you and your friends are about the only readers I have. But I could use something to blog about, and actually, I think I have one or two other readers. I’ll do the facebook thing. Don’t tweet. Buy it? I kind of already have it. Sort of. Maybe. I might have lost it in the move. I think this is my favorite book of yours. Did I already review it???

  6. Oh. This was supposed to be interesting? I did say this is my favorite of your books. Although, it is really hard to pick one favorite, they are all very interesting. (Am I getting interesting enough?) I’m afraid I don’t know how to be more interesting at the moment. I wait to be judged.

    • Ok. I wrote a review. You’ll probably think it’s weird. But I ended it with a call to action. That’s always a good thing. AND I shared on my facebook page that I had written a review. So you can find the proof there. And you’ll also see that I’m sharing a link to this page, there, too.

    • Let me know when it’s on itunes and I’ll buy it there. Then I can listen to it while I drive. I’m creating the most shameless plugs I know how. I don’t exactly know the rules of reblogging. So I’ll do my best.

    • Did I lose a comment??? Let’s see….
      commented. check.
      Facebook shared. check.
      Amazon review. check. (and shared that on FB, too)
      Reblog. check.
      Promised to buy it from itunes, so I can listen to it while driving. That’s the missing comment. Let me know when it is on itunes, please.
      You know I’m making a fool of myself over this book in the hopes that it does you some good. The contest is just icing on the cake.

      • Oh – you know that making a fool of yourself is business as usual for people like us – but yes. I know. And I love it and appreciate it. Very much. Somehow, this comment had disappeared into the spam. Wha?????

    • Interesting enough for me, my dear.

  7. Melissa Laing says:

    Well I have reviewed all your books on Goodreads and Amazon. Because I love them not because of this give away! And I have a book club going right now reading Alien and have had our library and a couple friends purchase that book. I give your books to all my friends to read and tell them all about the new Kindle books. My whole objective in all this, to get you more notice so you can write more books! Totally selfish I know but hey it’s good for all of us. There are a couple people I would gift these books too, but I would keep a copy for myself because I like having two copies of my favorite books. Love Breaking Rank! I even try to still find copies of On the Side of Angles and give them out to my book loving friends! Keep up the writing, I wait on pins and needles!

    • That was interesting enough, I’m going to have to sit down and chew a pencil to pieces, figuring out how many points you’ve racked up here. Man, this is fun. I am having a lovely time.

      • Melissa Laing says:

        I think I might get a little more…. I just bought the book again. I just couldn’t stop myself. I want it on my Kindle to and hey if this helps Kristen write more books I’m all in!

        • One of these days, I’m going to drive down there and kiss you right on the face!

          • Melissa Laing says:

            I might just swoon. I think I could meet my favorite actors with calm and decorum, but my favorite author. My book group wanted to invite you to our book group and I told them I couldn’t bother you, you might be writing more books and I wouldn’t want to take up any of your precious time!

            • Oh, silly. Sure I’d come. It’d be fun. It’s not like you’re more than fifteen minutes away.

            • Melissa Laing says:

              Woho! I can’t believe I won! I never win! If you want to come it is Thursday at 8 it would be funny if you just showed up and sat down like you belonged.

            • This Thursday? At 8? Let me ask you, though – are you guys reading one of my books now? Or in the future? Because it might be better for me to show up then.

  8. Margaret C Ford says:

    I have been a fan for many years and actually have a small section of my personal library dedicated to your books.

    • HEY!! Margaret!! How cool! And have you been able to read the new one? Only in digital format, sadly – at least so far. I only need about two thousand people to buy it in the next two months to get it in print with somebody. How are you guys?

    • Chalea Edwards says:

      I’m a bit skint, so it’s taking a while.. but I am doing the same with my library! (:

  9. Well, Donna Lohr has made a very excellent resource in promoting this book! More points for Donna please! I would love to buy the book in good old fashioned paper format, since I don’t have an e-reader yet and still prefer real books. I am off to see if this is an option for an old fashioned reader. I would be happy to share the link on facebook, I’ll look for you there.

    • Oy, my darling Curly Bird – I prefer books myself, hands down. But you kind of have to have a huge business behind you that can afford to commit a mountain of money and a cavern of space to the production of print. I don’t write vampires or dark love, so I have been on the outs with NY for years enough, I’ve lost contact with the Big Guys. So I’ve had to do this myself. Which means small money, small space which = ebook. I’m thinking I might set the work up as print on demand, and I’ll let you know if I can pull it off. Meanwhile, there’s the moving into the new world thing – so I’ve bought Kindle for myself. And the fun thing is, I’ve loaded knitting patterns on it, so I have them when I travel, and you can take all the books you want for the same weight. THAT is an advantage. And I will tell you that you can download a Kindle reader for free for your computer, or your smart phone or whatever, which is also nice. I’m not turning missionary for the new tech, but I’ve lived long enough to know that, whether you like it or not, new tech happens, and there comes a day when you have to learn to function with it. Which does not mean that I will ever give up my books. And that I still need new shelves for the overflow.

      • I will add that I was a reluctant ebook-er and I’m really getting to like it. One benefit, I can read while sitting in bed eating cereal because I don’t have to use my hands to hold the book open. Food is a great motivator.

        • I kind of like the lighting up in the dark thing. But the pages are crampy and they don’t make noise, and you can’t tell by the piling up of the read ones how much of the book is left.

      • Chalea Edwards says:

        POD would be nice.

        Electronic formatting is good for me, as a reader for many reasons. Lately, however, I spend so much time online for work and for school that there are times I want to be free of the electronics and curl up in bed on a rainy day with paper, or outdoors in the spring warmth.


        • Me, too. I took a book outside today and sat in the sun for a while. Couldn’t have done that with a screen. And there’s just that thing about paper –

  10. Melissa Spencer says:

    I purchased the eBook this week but I haven’t read it yet, but will and promise to review. I reviewed The Gardener on Amazon (does that count). I don’t facebook or tweet, but I promise to tell a group of friends the old fashion way (like email!). Let’s see… what else. You told me about this book because I commented that you do dialogue so much better than most people who write teenage characters (that could count for something… a number 5 should read 5. Compliment the author about her numerous talents and she shall reward you with tangible gifts). Thanks for creating such wonderful things (that wasn’t even for points!).

    • Of course that review counts. Okay. And I accept the additional rule. Compliments get points and at least a CHANCE for a gift. And thank you for making me feel braver!

  11. This is so exciting! I liked The Gardener so much that I definitely plan on reading this one, whether I win or not. Okay, I’ll go and do some of those things you suggested and come back for more chances.

  12. Ha! I just found this post (I DO follow links . . . it just usually takes me awhile) and I had ALREADY bought the book when I saw it on your blog sidebar. WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING THERE WOULD BE A GIVEAWAY. So you see, my motivations are totally pure. And, I have now finished reading it. I intended to make it last a few days but I have no self-control. (And my children look like neglected orphans, as I was finishing the book instead of brushing their hair/getting them dressed this morning.) I really liked it. I liked your discussion questions at the end too (though they came at me kind of fast and furious . . . a result of the list-format, I guess) :). And I would love to have a real print-copy of it so I can read it again and my kids can read it someday too (I do not let them touch my iPad) 🙂

    • Those questions – in one of my fits of not succumbing to sleep, they started to roll through my head. So the next day, I went back and found them and they rolled some more. I figure, if in this day and age people need you to tell them what to think about after they read a book, I am ready to oblige. I suppose having an author pose questions does sort of pull the curtain off her own thinking concerning her writing. A little bit of a cheat, there. I so love print. I so hate it’s so expensive and awkward to deal with.

  13. Hmm interesting…now I have been put on the spot I can’t think of a thing! How about, did you know that at term there is about 500ml of bloodpumping through the placenta each minute?… Where is the work shop blog?
    I have the e copy of this book and can prove it! But must confess I haven’t had the time to curl up and read it yet … the weather is turning cold here and not so many babies and other work stuff due so will snatch that time soon. Might even write you a review xx

    • This certainly qualifies as interesting, and you are on the blog and – of course, it is spring here, with babies of all kinds all over the place, so I am glad that you are in a slower, less frantic time and you can READ IT!! YAYAYAY!! Much gratified that you threw your hat in the ring.

  14. Emily Morrise says:

    Hey! It’s the worlds biggest procrastinator…ME!! So my brain got all cramped when you said we should leave an “interesting comment”. Uh, I’ve got nothin. Except that I love you! You are amazing & I would love to win a book from you. 🙂

  15. Chalea Edwards says:

    I’m headed to NM soon. It’s a long trip by rail.
    Your books are coming along to keep me company.

    • Yay! One of my manuscripts kept us company all the way to NM and back this week. Nothing like a story to keep things rolling.

  16. I am so happy! What great news! Thank you Kristen. : ) I can’t wait to read your book.

  17. What? I didn’t say thank you on this place?!?!?! My bad. I am THRILLED! And I love Andy’s presentation of my number! Good one Cam. And I think Andy looks like a mini Chaz. And I am so happy I won…I never win and I really really really wanted to. Ahhh.

    • She does, doesn’t she? Cam thinks so, too. And I thought it was elegant that your number came up 13. So much for superstition. HA. You earned that win, baby-girl. And I was happy, too!

  18. Lol. The pictures are so cute that I had to comment and say “Hi!” 🙂

    • I cannot agree more about the cuteness of this child assistant. But I’m cheating in that, of course –