And the winner is –

I used my own, private random name picker—not one of the illiterate ones, but the one with the beard.  

And we have two winners:

The Gardener:

Ariell Larson

Breaking Rank:

Patti Mason

There were so many entries, it was wonderful. Thank you all for your support. If you didn't win a book, I hope you still get a chance to read them. I've got links on the Workshop Blog to help you find them if  you're inclined to grab one of your own. It's just a delight to me to be able to connect with you!

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5 thoughts on “And the winner is –

  1. Yay! Happy for the winners….the lucky ducks!

  2. I’m with Donna. Lucky ducks indeed!

  3. Oh, I am so excited! Thanks Kristen! Can’t wait to read it! Do I need to email you my address or something?

  4. w-s wanderings says:

    Ducks, I like ducks. Lucky ones are the best. Congrats to the winners!

  5. YAY!!! I never win anything!!! I need to check back sooner:-)!