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And the winner is –

I used my own, private random name picker—not one of the illiterate ones, but the one with the beard.  

And we have two winners:

The Gardener:

Ariell Larson

Breaking Rank:

Patti Mason

There were so many entries, it was wonderful. Thank you all for your support. If you didn't win a book, I hope you still get a chance to read them. I've got links on the Workshop Blog to help you find them if  you're inclined to grab one of your own. It's just a delight to me to be able to connect with you!


~:: Another Shameless Self Promotion ::~

2012-07-26-TwoBooks Sorry, sorry – meant to have this done yesterday, but life stuck its oar in.  So here we go: I will award one of the new, very lovely and signed paperback editions of The Gardener to one lucky soul.  And one new, just as lovely and signed paperback edition of Breaking Rank to another lucky […] Continue reading →

News! And a Giveaway!

breaking-rank-cover2Thumb200 Suffering CATS.  If I ever say I’m going to do this again – at least, this way – shoot me.  Thousands of little bits of paper.  ARG!!  But we have come up with the three winners: (cue Kermit: YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!) So the first winner is: Okay, now Andy – let’s get that right – But you […] Continue reading →