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~:: Another Shameless Self Promotion ::~

Sorry, sorry – meant to have this done yesterday, but life stuck its oar in.  So here we go:

I will award one of the new, very lovely and signed paperback editions of The Gardener to one lucky soul.  And one new, just as lovely and signed paperback edition of Breaking Rank to another lucky soul.  I dearly wish I could send everyone one of these obviously deeply organic books, but sadly, I cannot. Bills must be paid. SO – here are the rules:

Comment on this page, telling me which book you’d like, and that is one entry.

Tweet, share on Facebook (or do a little shining review—only if it’s honest—of one of my books you’ve already read), find another of my Lost Readers and bring that person back to me via Facebook or this page and each of those precious favors will be one other entry. Add ’em up, guys.

Do an actual Blog that includes praise and rabid love for my work, and you get three extra entries.

On AUGUST FIRST I will use one of my high tech, utterly random number pickers (you’ve seen them before) to fish out a name for each book.  And if you are within driving distance (which isn’t far), you get a free kiss on the cheek, too.


Links. All right then – The Gardener: or

Breaking Rank: or

Wait – Barnes and Noble – The Gardener:

But they don’t have Breaking Rank yet. Here are the secrets: unless you have prime, because the prices at Createspace are the same as the ones at Amazon, it’s better for me if you go Create Space. (Prime=free shipping). But Barnes and Noble beats the heck out of both of those price-wise just now.

But there’s that giveaway, too, remember.  It’s just—if you don’t win a book, DON’T FORGET TO BUY ONE. Right?  Right?  WOO-HOO!!


Taking the Dang Leap

Cover2012-04-19-180 I don’t even know how to start this.  When I was little, we lived in L.A.  Everything was within walking distance.  The school, for instance.  Two blocks away – long sides.  An uncomplicated walk, it was not uphill and it never did involve snow—just sometimes torrential rains and huge, convulsing knots of drowning earthworms. In […] Continue reading →

Me? I Prefer People to Finger Puppets

ChazDragonMiddle One of the elements that separates good writing from the boiler-plate stuff is the quality of the characters.  I remember picking up one of the first local novels ever published in my neck of the woods—one that was being devoured by all my students (think Twilight, but on an even more grass-roots basis and without […] Continue reading →