The Published Books

Not all of my published books are listed here.  Some are too long out of print, and too regional and specific in audience for me to worry about general discussion.  I think the most charming thing about being published is actually holding the book in your own hand – seeing your words printed and bound, real as any book you’ve ever loved yourself.

These books were all published in the Young Adult genre.  This is not because I wrote for an age group, but because my protagonists tended to be young – as I was young when I first started telling myself stories.

The pages falling under the parentage of this page contain cover art, summaries, reviews – most national, some personal – and some educational materials.  These days, people tend to like lists of study questions meant for use in classrooms and book clubs.

I hope you enjoy what you find here!

4 thoughts on “The Published Books

  1. Ms. Randle, I just finished reading (yet again) “On The Side Of The Angels” and decided to look you up online. I found you. I also recently re-read “Home Again,” One Song For Two,” and “The Morning Comes Singing.” It is apparent that I enjoy these books of yours, and I thank you for writing them. Every time I read “On The Side Of The Angels” I want to know more. How is Cody? What happened with his mom? So many other questions. Among other things, part of my life experience is volunteering to work with some young women who are struggling with some emotional problems – many come from abusive backgrounds. Many of my girls have just such a mix of wisdom, strength, ignorance, wounds, and vulnerability as Cody. More accurately, we all have that mix in various proportions and at various times. Thank you for writing the book. If you ever read what others write, the website I entered contains some things I have learned from my girls – and life. I would really love to read another book about Cody et al. And thank you. For Cody, and all the others.

    • I am so sorry, Nancy, that it took me so long to approve this. I’ve been swamped for the last month – partly with getting a new book ready for e-book publishing. This was such a kind comment. And something I want to read more than once. The encouragement is very welcome these days, and even the hint that the work I have done has relevance in the culture the way it’s going today. What you’ve said means a lot to me. It really does. Thank you.

  2. I have waited YEARS for a new book from you. I’m wondering why your newest book is only available in Kindle form. Please get it published in book form! I look forward to reading it sometime.

    • Tara, here is the hard truth about book publishing: print is very, very expensive. It costs a great deal to get the books printed to begin with, but you also have to warehouse the boxes and boxes of books, negotiate with distributors and small stores, ship the books (which is staggeringly costly) – and then pay the return postage if the distributor gets returns or doesn’t sell all the books in good time. I don’t know how even the big publishers do it. They live on the Harry Potter sellers and pay the bills for other really wonderful books that aren’t mega hits with that HP level money. For people who are small publishers, or who self publish, producing print versions of a book is a deep investment. I have so many books I’d like to make available to you and so many other readers, but I don’t write what the market is looking for right now (paranormal romance), so those books will not be available for anyone to read if I wait for the market to swing around again. Thus, The Gardener is only available as an e-book. Perhaps this year a print version on demand will be available, but books printed that way cost more than books that are printed in huge runs.

      And that’s the sad story. You can download a Kindle reader for any computer absolutely free from Amazon – you don’t have to have a Kindle to read the book. Admittedly, I would rather curl up with a real book than with a screen. But we can only do our best, eh? I apologize.